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PorColombia National E-Board Elections for the 2012-2013 Period Are Open NEW YORK

PorColombia National E-Board Elections for the 2012-2013 Period Are Open NEW YORK, June 18, 2012

  The PorColombia Executive Board announces the ongoing search for the next crop of leaders to run PorColombia for the 2012-2013 period. The process starts on June 20 by sending the job descriptions to all chapter presidents and for them to spread the word with their networks. The call for application will continue until July 8, 2012. Below you will find a list of all of the available positions within PorColombia’s Executive Board for the 2012-2013. Read carefully each description and take the time in considering in what areas you think you can contribute the most to the Executive Team and the organization as a whole. Please keep in mind that joining the Executive Board is an important responsibility that should not be taken lightly. If selected, expect to work arduously and put in long hours for the benefit of PorColombia.
As stipulated by PorColombia’s Constitution, any student or alumni who have actively participated in the organization for a minimum of one year can apply to any position on the Executive Board. Current Executive Board members who wish to nominate themselves again can do so and must follow the same motions as any other candidate. PorColombia will also permit active members not affiliated to any chapter to run for a position in the Executive Board but may be subject to an interview by the newly elected President, in addition to submitting their essay. Along with a communication on the organization’s website, Chapter Presidents are responsible for divulging this information to interested chapter members.
The relevant information and dates regarding the election of the Executive Board 2011-2012 follows:
  • June 20: All interested members who wish to nominate themselves for any position must write an essay that thoroughly explains, in as many words as is deemed necessary, your current contributions to the organization, why you wish to be a part of the Executive Board and how you think your qualities and abilities can be a positive asset to the continuous development and growth of PorColombia
  • July 8: Deadline for all interested members to send their essay to outgoing President Carlos Macías ( and Treasurer Victor Mosquera ( Essays must be received by 11pm on this day to be considered.
  • July 9: Carlos Macías will send all Chapter Presidents the essays of the nominated candidates for the Presidency and after carefully reviewing each application, the Chapter Presidents will vote, via email, on who they believe should be President.
  • July 16: Deadline to accept all votes by Chapter Presidents; Votes must be received by 11pm on this day to be tabulated. These votes will be sent to outgoing Treasurer Victor Mosquera (, who will tabulate the votes and announce, via email, who was voted President.
  • July 17: Announcement by Victor Mosquera, via email, of newly elected PorColombia President.
  • July 17 – July 23: The newly elected President will review the essays submitted for all of the other positions on the Executive Board and will select his/her team.
  • July 30: Announcement, via email, by newly elected President of the Executive Board for 2012-2013.
If you have any questions regarding the election process, please contact Carlos Macías ( or Yurany Arboleda (
The open positions for 2012-2013 are:
1. President:
  • Clearly defines the organization’s goals and objectives for his/her presidential term and appoints the remainder of the Executive Board.
  • Oversees the proper functioning and development of the organization, ensuring that it stays within its’ objectives and mission.
  • Shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Board, as well as Regional Representative meetings.
  • Empowered to sign all notes, warrants, and other orders for payment of monies that have been approved by the Executive Board; approvals must be sought with expenses greater than $1000.
  • Shall serve as the Official Spokesperson as pertaining to all matters related to the Organization, speaking in representation of the organization’s brand and mission.
  • Must report on a bimonthly basis all organizational updates to the Board of Directors and work with the Board of Directors to resolve grave internal issues or disputes.
  • Works with the Director of Chapter Development to extend the organization’s presence in new universities, making strategic connections with other Colombian student organizations and student leaders.
  • Will serve as the key liaison between PorColombia and corporations and other organizations to secure alliances for the benefit of the organization’s members in the areas of volunteering, internship and potential job placements.
  • Meets on a monthly basis with all Chapter Presidents and serves as the main point of contact for any questions, concerns or guidance the chapters may need.
  • Collects, compiles and analyzes Chapter Updates and presents these reports to the Executive Board on a quarterly basis.
2. Vice-President:
  • Oversees and schedules meetings with the Representatives Board.
  • Reports directly to the President and assists in all executive decisions and internal and external affairs.
  • Empowered to sign all notes, warrants, and other orders for payment of monies drawn by the Treasurer in the event that the President cannot do so.
  • The Vice President is required to assume the responsibilities of the President during a period of absence or if the President is impeached or resigns.
3. Secretary:
  • Responsible for the taking of minutes at all meetings held by the National Executive Board and delivering them to the Executive Board members.
  • Collects, compiles, and analyzes Regional Representatives’ Updates and presents these reports to the Executive Board on a quarterly basis.
  • Keeps an updated list of all student chapters, with updated contact information of chapter directives.
  • Keeps attendance at all Executive Board meetings.
  • Shall post Executive Board member updates and minutes of executive Board meetings on PorColombia’s Internal Message Board.
  • Redirects emails directed to the PorColombia general email account to the indicated people.
4. Treasurer:
  • Shall have the care, custody, and responsibility of all funds and securities of PorColombia.
  • Keep accurate records of cash, checks, and other financial material showing detailed accounts of all transactions.
  • Maintain and operate PorColombia’s national bank account.
  • Monitors the organization’s funds and finds fund-raising opportunities, such as sponsorships.
  • Manages day-to-day affairs for co-sponsorship with sponsors.
  • Assist in preparation of budget.
  • Monitors the budget.
5. Director of IT:
  • HTML, CSS, WordPress and Photoshop experience required.
  • Coordinate technical aspects of the website (FPT, CMS).
  • Manage, activate and cancel all PorColombia email accounts.
  • Manage the PorColombia database of members and handle all communication with members via these listservs.
  • Graphic Design experience preferred.
6. Creative Director:
  • Creates visual elements, including but not limited to videos, flyers, and other promotional materials.
  • HTML, WordPress, Complete Adobe Suite and Final Cut experience required.
  • Create and maintain the official style guide for the entire organization.
  • Works with the Marketing Director on creating branding themes for the organization.
7. Marketing Director:
  • In charge of the overall branding of the organization
  • Create, execute and manage promotional campaigns, in tandem with the Creative Director and Social Media Manager.
  • Look for new sources of revenue using marketing initiatives
8. Director of Student Chapter Development:
  • Maintain and update a chapter development guide.
  • Send chapter development guide to new chapters and ensure that they sign and return all proper documentation for entry into the organization.
  • Communicate clearly with each chapter should have in propose events that address the chapter's goals in the social, philanthropic, cultural, and academic areas, organized based on the interests and concerns of the chapter in question.
  • Be the initial point of contact for any inquiries or support the chapters are seeking
    Provide the means for effective conflict resolution within the chapters, in the event that the chapter administration has exhausted all other resolution alternatives, in conjunction with the entire Executive Board.
  • Actively look for already established Colombian student clubs and gauge their interest to be a part of PorColombia.
9. Director of Professional Chapters:
  • Must be an alumni.
  • Collects and maintains a database of all alumni on a yearly basis.
  • Collaborates with Membership and Retention Administrators in different activities such as social events, workshops, seminars; in order to engage/bond with the future alumni.
  • Creates, maintains an Internship/Job Posting Database thus helping members seeking for employment placement.
  • Implements strategies to partner up with possible future employers/sponsors.
  • Motivates and encourages the formation of new PorColombia Professional chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada.
10. Editor-in-Chief and Social Media Manager:
  • Prepares, writes and edits official PorColombia online publications, including event posting, press releases, blogs, etc.
  • Collects relevant news stories from chapters and the Executive Board for story development.
  • Coordinates and assists other Department heads to ensure clean copy in all communications to the chapter and the public in general. This includes mass e-mail campaigns and surveys.
  • Collaborates with public relations, answer e-mail and letters from press and the public, and works in conjunction with other directors on public outreach programs nationwide.
  • Works directly with Director of IT and the President on keeping our website and social media channels current with the latest technologies and working on constant improvements.
  • Shall devise and lead the social media strategy of PorColombia, overseeing the organization’s online presence in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About PorColombia:
PC is a nonprofit organization that connects students and professionals with Latino and Colombian backgrounds globally. The organization promotes networking and leadership initiatives aimed to develop professional and entrepreneurial advancement. We aim to educate and raise awareness of present and future opportunities to build from abroad a stronger, safer, and dynamic Colombia. PC is now entering into its 7th year since its foundation in 2005.
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